Is There a God?


In today’s society, atheism is growing more and more. A higher percentage of the children in America are growing up in a family that has no religious upbringing. No concept of God, which in turn does not foster a belief in God. But even for many of the young people who are brought up in faith, once they go to college or leave to set out on their own, they are bombarded with the secular world thought that there is no God. Continue reading

Invincible Ignorance of God’s Truth

If someone was never informed about the truth of Jesus Christ, would that person be held accountable? Would that person still have the possibility of being saved by God? And, if someone can get into heaven without knowing who Jesus is, then why preach the gospel to them. Because if we tell them about Jesus, then they might reject the truth and therefore go to hell. If we would not have told them, they might have gone to heaven. So, what does the Catholic Church teach about “invincible ignorance?” Continue reading

Does Jesus’ Church Teach Error?

Infallibility – Who has it? Who did Jesus give His authority to? For a Catholic Christian, the answer is, “Peter and the Apostles and the Church he founded. That Church still has the authority to speak for Him in the area of ‘faith and morals’ because of the laying on of hands up until this very day.” But, for many Christians outside the Catholic Church, there is no man who is infallible, much less a Church. Continue reading