Is There a God?


In today’s society, atheism is growing more and more. A higher percentage of the children in America are growing up in a family that has no religious upbringing. No concept of God, which in turn does not foster a belief in God. But even for many of the young people who are brought up in faith, once they go to college or leave to set out on their own, they are bombarded with the secular world thought that there is no God. Continue reading

“MORAL TRUTH” – Is it Black and White, or a Shade of Gray?

th[5] Two thousand years ago, a man named Pontius Pilate asked Jesus the question “WHAT IS TRUTH? (Jn 18:38)”. According to Webster dictionary, truth is simply “the property of being in accord with fact or reality.” For a statement to be true it must agree with knowledge (fact or reality), or be logically correct, or both, depending upon the context.

Is there Absolute Truth or Is all Truth Relative? The biggest obstacle to finding truth today is “relativism,” especially when it comes to those most important questions of faith, morals, and life’s meaning. Continue reading