God’s Atonement – Why did Jesus have to die?


How would you respond to someone who says, “Why was God required to spill blood of his own son to save us, when he could have just done that some other way?” If you think about it, in the strict sense, God could have done it a different way. He could have told the story of our redemption any way he wanted. So, why did he choose to put it on the shoulders of Jesus? Continue reading

Indulgences: What are they?

th[5] It has been said by some outside the Church, that an indulgence is “the Catholic Church’s permission for a person to indulge in sin.” So, when someone hears that the Catholic Church has granted an indulgence, they might think wrongly that the Church has granted them a “right to sin.” In today’s environment, the current usage for the term “indulgence” seems to be understood as “a stamp of approval for some wrongdoing.” But, the original meaning of the word means “favor,” “remission,” or “forgiveness.” Continue reading