Is There a God?


In today’s society, atheism is growing more and more. A higher percentage of the children in America are growing up in a family that has no religious upbringing. No concept of God, which in turn does not foster a belief in God. But even for many of the young people who are brought up in faith, once they go to college or leave to set out on their own, they are bombarded with the secular world thought that there is no God. Continue reading

Did God Create Evil?


Have you ever heard this question: “If God is all good, then why is there evil in the world?” You might have heard this question put another way, such as – “As a Christian, we believe that God created all things. We are told that He created the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. He then told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of that tree or you shall surely die. If He created this, then it must mean He created evil. So, how can a loving personal God create evil?” Continue reading

Sacrament of Marriage: One Man and one Woman

th[5] Everywhere you turn today, you can’t get away from the debate. You will find it on television news, headlines in the newspapers, magazines and discussed in just about every state legislature. It is impossible to escape the debate over same-sex marriage. So, what is the true meaning of marriage? For a Christian, the answer is a no-brainer. So why all of the fuss? It seems that if someone holds to the true definition of marriage, then the politically correct crowd will be all over you like “white on rice.” Now, I understand that the topic of marriage is a sensitive issue for some people with same-sex attractions. They feel that they should be able to marry someone of the same sex. But, the problem with that, is the real definition of marriage. I would have to respond politely to someone who makes that argument with, “you don’t have a beef with me, but with God!” Instead of redefining the meaning of marriage, another word could be used in it’s place.   Continue reading

Sunday Worship: Are we seeking to be entertained?

th[11] In the past few weeks, I have been told by a couple of parishioners that one of their relatives have started to worship on Sunday mornings in a non-denominational church around the corner. The reason that was given for why, was not because of the theological content, but purely on the entertainment value of the service. Since a good part of my website seeks to reach out to non-practicing Catholics and those who have fallen away from the faith, I will put most of my focus towards them, although this pertains to all of Christendom. Continue reading

The Eucharist: Real or Symbolic?

th[10] If you and I went home today and turned on the evening news, and heard that Jesus Christ was going to appear at your town’s City Hall tomorrow morning at 10:00am., how many people do you think would show up to see him? Well, I think just about every Christian in the city would be there. They would show up to see him, touch him, and listen to him. And yet, we as Catholics, profess to believe that Jesus is truly present in the tabernacle of every Catholic Church in the world. But, do we truly understand that our Lord is really present in the Holy Eucharist? Continue reading

Receiving the graces of Jesus

th[9] No matter what Christian faith tradition you belong to, you probably had a hard time finding a parking place or a seat at your local church today. That’s because Easter Sunday goes to the heart of Christianity. After his sacrifice on Good Friday, Jesus overcame death on Sunday. Because of “Resurrection Sunday,” you and I have been given the opportunity to spend all of eternity with him after our journey in this life comes to an end. Continue reading

Why do Catholics wear crucifixes and most other Christians wear just plain crosses?

th[11] If you have ever watched movies about vampires, demons and devils, you may have seen that a crucifix was used to ward them off. The assumption was that the power of the cross destroys the power of evil. Well, the death of Jesus on the cross does just that — it enables believers to overcome sin. No wonder the demons run!

Easter Sunday is almost here, when we celebrate the resurrection of our “Lord and Savior” Jesus Christ. All of us as Christians, particularly during Easter, rejoice in the fact that Jesus rose from the dead. We see crosses in churches, on walls, and as jewelry. Some have an empty cross; some have the body (Corpus) of Jesus on them. The latter are called crucifixes. Continue reading