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You see inactive Catholics everywhere: You see them everywhere because they are everywhere. Close to 65 million Americans are Catholic by virtue of their baptism, but just 36 percent attend Mass on a weekly basis. Why do people stop going to Church? A survey shows not for the reasons you might think. Many inactive Catholics attended Catholic school or CCD, then stopped coming to Mass because of boredom, family tensions, rebellion, or divorce. Others simply drifted away. Some may cite a disagreement with moral teachings or a problem with a specific priest or nun, but few say they don’t believe in God or no longer consider themselves Catholic. I myself believe that, along with some not-so-good catechesis, many Catholics never developed a more personal relationship with the Lord. The faith they may have been taught as a youth, never filtered down to their heart.

This site is my personal blog that trys to help those Catholics who are just returning to the faith get answers to questions and help them plug-in.

On this site, I will be able to:

1. Look at “issues of the day” from a spiritual viewpoint.
2. Help Catholics re-connect with their faith.
3. Help answer questions about the faith by giving the meaning behind what the Catholic Church teaches and believes.
4. It can also help people of other faith traditions overcome misconceptions about what they have been told about the Church and it’s beliefs.

Contact me by e-mail:   rhebert3352@cox.net

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