Catholic view of Muslims

It happened again! Another mass killing by a “Radical Muslim Terrorist,” this time in Orlando Florida. It makes you ask the question whether the Muslim religion itself is a violent religion? If you read the Koran, a strong point could be made for it. Of course, Muslim apologists try to do their best to squelch that view. So with that in mind, who do we believe? Further, do they believe in the same God that Christians worship, the One true God? Continue reading

God’s Healing Power – Ask and You Shall Receive?



Do you ever wonder when we have an injury to our bodies or we have an illness that comes upon us and it doesn’t ever seem to get healed even though we’ve prayed for deliverance? We might say, “Doesn’t Jesus say that ‘whatever you ask in my name you shall receive.’” So what’s up with not receiving the healing that we ask for? Most of us has experienced, at one time or another, the frustrating answer to our prayer of healing with what seems like dead silence from God, right? So, how do we make sense of it. Continue reading

Can Mary and the Saints hear our prayers?


For those persons who have gone on to heaven, can they hear our petitions and offer those prayers to Jesus? If so, what about Mary the mother of God; how would she be able to hear all those prayers of intersession coming from thousands of people at the same time? Wouldn’t she have to have some omnipresence about herself? Continue reading

Liturgical Worship – Holy Water, Incense and Candles

Have you ever wondered where did the Catholic tradition of Holy water come from? What about incense and candles; why are they used in the Liturgy of the Mass? Even for those of you who are cradle Catholics, you may not know the answer or really never thought about it that much. Continue reading

The Feast of All Souls Day


When we die, our souls will end up in one of two places, right. Heaven or Hell. November 1st is the day when the Church honors, remembers and celebrates those people who have made it to the beatific vision of heaven as their final destination. In doing so, they have become Saints. But what about the following day, November 2nd, which is the feast of “All Souls Day?” What does this day refer to? Continue reading

Lukewarm Christianity


If you ask most religious people, they would consider themselves to be a good person. But, even many non-religious people would count themselves in that camp. What about those of us who are Christian? How do we look at our own lives with regard to being the person Jesus wants us to be? What does it mean to be good? Is it enough to only go through the motions or to give God the bare minimum of time? Continue reading

Making the Sign of the Cross

thCAI7KJS0 Today, if we see someone make the sign of the cross, we can be pretty sure that this person is a Catholic or an Orthodox Christian. Even though Protestant Christians place the symbol of the cross upon their Bibles, pulpits, steeples, and car bumpers; most Protestants reject the idea of placing the sign of the cross upon themselves. Some may choose to sign themselves, but all depends on their way of thinking.

So, what is the sign of the cross, why do Catholics do it, and where did it originate from? Continue reading