Pope Francis: Is he politically Left or Right?


As Pope Francis makes his visit to the United States, one might ask themselves whether his trip is a political one or not. If we look to the secular media, it would seem that the Pope is endorsing the left leaning political movement. I find it interesting that, on his flight to Washington D.C., the Pope had to come out and say that he is not a liberal. And he is quite right (pardon the pun) in saying that. The Pope is neither liberal or conservative in the sense of being political. He is simply standing up for Jesus and his teachings, and especially with respect for the poor. Continue reading

Pope Infallibility – What does it mean?

th[4] If the Pope is infallible, does that mean everything he says is true and correct? It is a misunderstanding to think that whatever the Pope says is correct and that you can take it to the bank. No, it does not mean he is sinless, or that he can predict football scores, knows what the winning lottery number will be, predict what the weather will be in any part of the world on a certain day, or that he cannot make a mistake. That is not what is meant by being infallible. You see, infallibility simply means Continue reading

Why are Catholic priests called “Father?”

thCAOS0X36 In the Bible, Jesus says, “Call no one on earth your father; you have but one Father in heaven (Matthew 23:9).” What did Jesus mean when he said this. Are we to take this saying literally? Are we not allowed to refer to our dad as father? Of course not!
If you would look up the word father in a Bible concordance, you would discover 124 instances in the New Testament alone where human beings are called “father” (Greek: pater). Continue reading

Did Jesus found a Visible or Invisible Church?

church[1] Since we just celebrated the day when the Church came into being, Pentecost, I thought it would be a good time to ask the question, “What is the Church?” Well, many well meaning Christians believe that Jesus’ church is made up of an invisible union of all who genuinely trust in Christ. They believe that the Church that Jesus speaks about protecting in Scripture (Matt 16:18-19) is an invisible, “spiritual” Church. Jesus’ Church is not one particular visible institution. In other words, they might have members in a local church, but the church is still not thought of in a physical reality. But what does Scripture have to say about this reality? Continue reading

Will the new Pope bring “drastic” changes to the Catholic Church?

gty_pope_francis_jt_130316_wg[1] Even before the election of Pope Francis, many people were speculating that he needed to make drastic changes to the Church. That he needs to start to conform to this generations values and ideas. That he needs to steer the Church out of the old way of thinking and into the modern way. Well, sorry to be a wet blanket, but that’s just not going to happen. Continue reading

Why is the Pope considered the head of Jesus’ Church on earth?

thCAK5A2HM Well, since Pope Benedict XVI has been in the news because of his resignation, I thought I would speak about the office he holds. As for the next pope and what part of the world he will come from, I personally feel that someone from Latin America or Africa would be great, since they are the fastest growing segments of Catholicism. Continue reading