Did God Create Evil?


Have you ever heard this question: “If God is all good, then why is there evil in the world?” You might have heard this question put another way, such as – “As a Christian, we believe that God created all things. We are told that He created the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. He then told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of that tree or you shall surely die. If He created this, then it must mean He created evil. So, how can a loving personal God create evil?” Continue reading

Are Catholics free to become Freemasons?

Have you ever heard of a group called Freemasonry? What got me to thinking about this group was an article I saw in our little local newspaper. It showed a picture of the local Masonic Lodge’s ceremony of installing it’s new officers for 2015. So, is it okay for a Catholic to be a part of this group? Where does the Catholic Church stand on the issue of someone being a member of the organization known as Freemasonry? Is this organization just a “social” organization/club or do they have a certain theology that comes along with it? Continue reading

Death Penalty – Yes or No

A person might conclude that if all human life is sacred according to the Church, then no one should ever be put to death, not even those who have been sentenced to death by the government. After all, if it is wrong to kill a baby in the womb or murder someone or to commit “euthanasia” on someone, why would it be looked at any differently with regards to the death penalty. What does the Catholic Church teach with regards to Capital Punishment? Is it or is it not okay? Continue reading

Seeking Happiness through Jesus Christ

The philosophy of Christ is very different from the philosophies of our modern culture. In fact, they are completely opposed to each other. And yet, the teachings of Christ and these modern philosophies both claim to be the key to the fulfillment of a yearning that is common to us all. Both claim that if we follow them, we will find the happiness and contentment we are seeking in this life. Continue reading

Is Jesus Against Homosexuality?


We live in a place and time where the moral law of God is being watered down by a society that wants all “truth” to be relative. A society that seeks to suggest immoral behavior is really not immoral. And in fact, tries to make the case for it being okay. One of the biggest issues facing American society today with regards to this is homosexuality. So, for a Christian, how would one answer the question posed in the title of this blog post? Continue reading

Lukewarm Christianity


If you ask most religious people, they would consider themselves to be a good person. But, even many non-religious people would count themselves in that camp. What about those of us who are Christian? How do we look at our own lives with regard to being the person Jesus wants us to be? What does it mean to be good? Is it enough to only go through the motions or to give God the bare minimum of time? Continue reading

Invincible Ignorance of God’s Truth

If someone was never informed about the truth of Jesus Christ, would that person be held accountable? Would that person still have the possibility of being saved by God? And, if someone can get into heaven without knowing who Jesus is, then why preach the gospel to them. Because if we tell them about Jesus, then they might reject the truth and therefore go to hell. If we would not have told them, they might have gone to heaven. So, what does the Catholic Church teach about “invincible ignorance?” Continue reading