Is Jesus Against Homosexuality?


We live in a place and time where the moral law of God is being watered down by a society that wants all “truth” to be relative. A society that seeks to suggest immoral behavior is really not immoral. And in fact, tries to make the case for it being okay. One of the biggest issues facing American society today with regards to this is homosexuality. So, for a Christian, how would one answer the question posed in the title of this blog post? Continue reading

Receiving the Sacraments after Divorce

I have heard many times from a parishioner that they know someone who is divorced and are not receiving the sacraments. These are individuals who have not remarried, but are civilly divorced. They will ask me if it is alright for them to receive. Continue reading

Sacraments: What do they do?

th[1]The sacramental system of the Catholic Church comes to us and was instituted by Jesus Christ. The sacraments are actions of Christ and his Church, whereby the signs and means of “saving grace” is normally bestowed on souls. Each sacrament bestows a special grace and effects the soul in a particular way. A person’s soul is directly touched by the power of Christ in a special way through the sacraments. Continue reading

Marriage Annulments – Did Jesus allow for Divorce?


Since the 1960’s, the divorce rate in America started to rise. In the 1980’s it leveled off and since then, it has slightly decreased. One of the main reasons for a slight decrease is that young people today do not get married right away, but instead live together for a certain period of time as a type of trail marriage. Many of these relationships do not last. So, in our society at large, it seems that marriage is not as sacred as it once was. What about marriage within the Christian community? Is the rate lower for those of us who follow Jesus as our Lord? If it is lower, it is not by much.

So, as a follower of Christ, did Jesus allow for divorce? If we look to the Gospel of Mark, we see just how high Jesus Christ valued marriage. In chapter 10 of Mark, Jesus was tested: Continue reading

Sacrament of Marriage: One Man and one Woman

th[5] Everywhere you turn today, you can’t get away from the debate. You will find it on television news, headlines in the newspapers, magazines and discussed in just about every state legislature. It is impossible to escape the debate over same-sex marriage. So, what is the true meaning of marriage? For a Christian, the answer is a no-brainer. So why all of the fuss? It seems that if someone holds to the true definition of marriage, then the politically correct crowd will be all over you like “white on rice.” Now, I understand that the topic of marriage is a sensitive issue for some people with same-sex attractions. They feel that they should be able to marry someone of the same sex. But, the problem with that, is the real definition of marriage. I would have to respond politely to someone who makes that argument with, “you don’t have a beef with me, but with God!” Instead of redefining the meaning of marriage, another word could be used in it’s place.   Continue reading