How did Jesus hand on the Faith?


For many Christians today, there is only one authoritative way to know what Jesus taught and what he wanted passed down regarding the faith. That one authoritative foundation is what is known as the “Holy Bible.” But, is that true? Continue reading

Holy Communion – What does it signify?


This weekend we celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi (The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ). The Holy Eucharist is the central focus of the Mass because Jesus gives us himself for our nourishment to help us in this life. But it is truly much more than that. Continue reading

Pope Francis: Is he politically Left or Right?


As Pope Francis makes his visit to the United States, one might ask themselves whether his trip is a political one or not. If we look to the secular media, it would seem that the Pope is endorsing the left leaning political movement. I find it interesting that, on his flight to Washington D.C., the Pope had to come out and say that he is not a liberal. And he is quite right (pardon the pun) in saying that. The Pope is neither liberal or conservative in the sense of being political. He is simply standing up for Jesus and his teachings, and especially with respect for the poor. Continue reading

Becoming Catholic – Is RCIA the only way?

If someone feels led to join and become a member of the Church Jesus founded (the Catholic Church), must they always go through the process known as RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)? In order to answer that question, let us first take a look at what RCIA is. Continue reading

Religion – Why do we need it?

Have you ever been confronted with someone who thinks that we should not be seeking God through any particular religion, but that all we have to be is spiritual in our own way. They feel that every religion seeks the same God of the universe, so why be a part of a particular religion? Why label oneself a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, etc.? They would ask, why do people want to put a label on God? Why does the world worship God in a separatist way? Can’t we feel closer to God without being a part of a religion? Continue reading

Are Catholics free to become Freemasons?

Have you ever heard of a group called Freemasonry? What got me to thinking about this group was an article I saw in our little local newspaper. It showed a picture of the local Masonic Lodge’s ceremony of installing it’s new officers for 2015. So, is it okay for a Catholic to be a part of this group? Where does the Catholic Church stand on the issue of someone being a member of the organization known as Freemasonry? Is this organization just a “social” organization/club or do they have a certain theology that comes along with it? Continue reading

Liturgical Worship – Holy Water, Incense and Candles

Have you ever wondered where did the Catholic tradition of Holy water come from? What about incense and candles; why are they used in the Liturgy of the Mass? Even for those of you who are cradle Catholics, you may not know the answer or really never thought about it that much. Continue reading