Idolatry – What is Your Idol?


Today we live in a place and time where it would be very easy to loose focus on Jesus Christ and turn to someone or something else to worship. We have to ask ourselves what or who comes first in our lives? Is it the creator of the universe? Continue reading

The Choirs of Angels

Have you ever wondered how many Angels God created? I realize that we can never know, just like we cannot know how many stars are in the universe. One thing is for sure, there has to be as many Angels as there are people, because every person has his own guardian Angel. So, every person who ever existed before and after us, are assigned our personal Angel. But, are all Angels the same? Continue reading

Stations of the Cross

If you walk into just about any Catholic Church today, you will probably see an artistic display of “The Stations of the Cross.” The Stations may be made of stone, wood, or metal, sculptured or carved, or they may be merely paintings or engravings. They are usually placed at certain intervals around the walls of a church, though sometimes they are to be found in the open air, especially on roads leading to a church or shrine. Continue reading