God’s Creation and the Immortality of the Human Soul


Piggy-backing on my last post which gave reason to believe that there is a God, the next step one might ask is: “Why and how did He create us into existence?” “What are we here for?”

Well, first of all, God made all things from nothing. He used no material in creating the universe. He made it wholly. The definition of “create” is to make a thing wholly, or to make the whole of it; and only God can do it.
For example: A carpenter does not make the whole of a chair, the wood already exists; a poet does not make the whole of a poem, the words alreadt exist. But God did make the whole of the universe; there was no existing material to make it of, and he could do it because there is no limit to all of his power.

God made you and me and all things of nothing. He wills us into existence, and by his will we are kept in existence. God made us out of nothing, but he made us into something. We are not merely thoughts in his mind. We really exist. God wills our existence, and that is the one thing we cannot be rid of; even death does no more than change the condition of our existence. We cannot cease.

Spirit and Matter – Immortality of the Soul

The universe that God created has two vast divisions — the world of spirits and the world of matter (the material world).
For while everything made by God bears his mark and tells a lot about him, only spiritual beings are made in his image and likeness. We have here something like the difference between an artist painting a picture—of a landscape, say, or painting a self-portrait of someone. The material universe is God’s work of art, but spiritual beings are his self-portraiture. Our soul is a spirit, so that every man bears a portrait of God, painted by God, within him.

God is a spirit, but has no body; the angels are spirits, but have no body. Only in man spirit is united with a body. Every living body—wether that be a vegtable, a tree, grass, or animals such as cats, dogs, horses,and so on, and we as humans, has a soul. That soul is what gives living things life. The difference between man and every other living thing is that our soul is also a spirit. And because a Spirit by definition cannot be destroyed, therefore our soul never dies. And since man’s soul is also spirit, it makes our soul immortal. God created our souls to be eternal.

You and I have the power that separates us from all other animals. We have an intelect, which gives us the power to know things and to choose things. We have the ability and the power to know spiritual things, spiritual ideas and spiritual realities. In other words, we can know that there is a God. Even though you and I have never seen God, we can have a concept of God in our minds. You see, dogs, cats, horses, or whatever animal there is, does not have the power to be spiritual. (That might be why you don’t see any animals coming to church on Sunday’s)

God is Love and desires us to love him! So, along with our intelect, you and I also have the will to choose to love this immaterial, all powerfull, all knowing God. We can choose to love. Where as dogs and cats cannot love.

Our souls are immortal. When you and I die, our bodies will return to dust as it says in (Ecclestiasties 12:7), but our spirits will return to God. Our souls are not made of parts; but our souls are spiritual.

Until next time, God bless.

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