Who is the founder of your Church?

thCA036GR2 Why are there so many different Christian churches? It is estimated to be that there are over 33,000 different Christian denominational churches throughout the world. Some are of no denomination. A “non-denominational Christian,” might very well be a non-affiliated Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Baptist, etc. So, did Jesus create all these churches?

Who founded your church?

Catholic Church: was founded by Jesus Christ when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles at Pentecost (Acts 2) in 30A.D. Christ had already pre-picked St. Peter to be the Prime Minister (later called “Pope”) of His Church (Matt. 16:18-19).

Oriental Orthodox: Apostlolic origin (schism from Rome) – (year 431)
Greek Orthodox: Apostlolic origin (schism from Rome) – (year 1054)
Lutheran: Martin Luther (former priest) – (year 1517)
Church of England: King Henry VIII – (year 1534)
Presbyterian: John Knox – (year 1560)
Baptist: John Smyth – (year 1609)
Methodist: John and Charles Wesley – (year 1738)
Episcopal Church (U.S.): Samuel Seabury – (year 1789)
Church of Christ: Evangelical Presbyterians in Kentucky and Pennsylvania (1804)
Mormons: Joseph Smith – (year 1827)
7th Day Adventists: William Miller – (year 1840)
Jehovah Witnesses: Charles Russell – (year 1870)
Pentecostal: A reaction to loss of evangelical fervor of Methodists and others – (1901)
Assemblies of God: Merging of various Pentecostal churches in Arkansas – (1914)

Is the Catholic Church the One, True Historical Church that Jesus Christ established?

What the Catholic Church teaches: Paragraph 3. The Church Is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostlolic (CCC)

“This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic.” These four characteristics, inseparably linked with each other, indicate essential features of the Church and her mission. The Church does not possess them of herself; it is Christ who, through the Holy Spirit, makes his Church one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, and it is he who calls her to realize each of these qualities (CCC #811).  th[5]

Why is the Catholic Church one? The Catholic Church is one because all its members, according to the will of Christ, profess the same faith, have the same sacrifice and sacraments, and are united under one and the same visible head, the Pope (EWTN).

Why is the Catholic Church holy? The Catholic Church is holy because it was founded by Jesus Christ, who is all-holy, and because it teaches, according to the will of Christ, holy doctrines, and provides the means of leading a holy life, thereby giving holy members to every age (EWTN).

Why is the Catholic Church catholic or universal? The Catholic Church is catholic or universal because, destined to last for all time, it never fails to fulfill the divine commandment to teach all nations all the truths revealed by God (EWTN).

Why is the Catholic Church apostolic? The Catholic Church is apostolic because it was founded by Christ on the apostles and, according to His divine will, has always been governed by their lawful successors (EWTN).
Until next time, God bless.

2 thoughts on “Who is the founder of your Church?

  1. Most people in general have no idea what the Catholic Church teaches. Thank you for listening to the whispers of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for helping to lead the flock entrusted to you. I pray for revival in our parish. We all appreciate your willingness to share your faith!

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