Martyrdom: Dying for Ones Faith


Why would someone die for their faith? As a Christian, what is the difference between a Christian martyr as opposed to a martyr of a different faith belief system such as the Muslim faith? It seems that if people are willing to die for their faith, then you and I would have to take a serious look at their belief. How would we determine which faith is more true if both are willing to die for their belief? Someone might ask, “What makes the early Christians death for Christ, more compelling than the Muslims who are willing to die for their belief about what Mohamed said? Continue reading

Is Jesus Against Homosexuality?


We live in a place and time where the moral law of God is being watered down by a society that wants all “truth” to be relative. A society that seeks to suggest immoral behavior is really not immoral. And in fact, tries to make the case for it being okay. One of the biggest issues facing American society today with regards to this is homosexuality. So, for a Christian, how would one answer the question posed in the title of this blog post? Continue reading

“Baptism of the Holy Spirit” – Charismatic Renewal


Early in the 20th century, a movement began to spring up out of mainline Protestant churches. This movement came from Christians who started to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in a profound way. The gifts they received at Baptism were more awakened inside them and they started to worship God in a more outward manner. Because these Christians were misunderstood, they essentially were pushed out of their mainline churches and this started the Pentecostal movement of churches. So, when did this same sort of movement come to the Catholic Church? Continue reading

The Feast of All Souls Day


When we die, our souls will end up in one of two places, right. Heaven or Hell. November 1st is the day when the Church honors, remembers and celebrates those people who have made it to the beatific vision of heaven as their final destination. In doing so, they have become Saints. But what about the following day, November 2nd, which is the feast of “All Souls Day?” What does this day refer to? Continue reading

“The Trail of Blood…”


Have you ever been approached by a Baptist Christian who says that he can trace his Baptist roots all the way back to Jesus? You probably won’t find too many today, but there are still a few out there. There are those that claim that the Baptist denomination didn’t first start with John Smyth in the year 1609. Continue reading

Will Nobody be in Hell?


Have you ever heard someone say that they believe there is no place called hell, therefore no one goes there. Or, maybe they believe in hell, but they don’t think a loving God would send anyone there. Does the Catholic Church teach that an individual has the freedom to believe that there is the possibility that no one ever enters hell? Continue reading

Lukewarm Christianity


If you ask most religious people, they would consider themselves to be a good person. But, even many non-religious people would count themselves in that camp. What about those of us who are Christian? How do we look at our own lives with regard to being the person Jesus wants us to be? What does it mean to be good? Is it enough to only go through the motions or to give God the bare minimum of time? Continue reading