Idolatry – What is Your Idol?


Today we live in a place and time where it would be very easy to loose focus on Jesus Christ and turn to someone or something else to worship. We have to ask ourselves what or who comes first in our lives? Is it the creator of the universe? Continue reading

Baptism Now Saves You

This weekend I was privileged to baptize my niece’s little baby girl after the vigil mass on Saturday. Since some of the family was not Catholic, it was a good opportunity to explain exactly what would be happening to her through this baptism. Continue reading

Life After Death

For each and every person, there will come a time when this body of ours will no longer exist. There will come a time when our bodies will no longer respond to the life-giving energy that our souls are pouring into it. This will be the moment of our death. So, what happens to our soul at that moment. Continue reading

Eucharist – Transubstantiation vs. Consubstantiation

As a Catholic, we believe that the Blessed Eucharist is the Sacrament. All other sacraments are enriched by it. It is the supernatural food given to us from heaven. Continue reading

Finding and Accepting God on His Terms

We might ask the question; “Is God hard to find?” The answer would be, “not at all.” God can be discovered by our reason, by seeking Him or by His gift to us. If we just look at the universe, we can reason that there has to be a powerful force behind bringing it into existence. There is also a Wisdom directing it. God surrounds us and is closer to us than we realize Continue reading

Can a person be sinless?

Besides Jesus Christ, have there been other people, such as His Mother Mary, or others who have been or has the possibility of being sinless? We know that Jesus was the only one sinless by nature, but what about everyone else? Continue reading